because FOMO IS REAL.

CVR brings together the very best in virtual and augmented reality. No matter who you are, you won't want to miss out on attending CVR 2017.


  • Play the best VR games and experiences the world has to offer 
  • Discover all the possibilities of VR, from medicine to education
  • Learn about the emerging VR/AR industry
  • Purchase the latest VR equipment


  • Learn about the VR/AR industry
  • Look for great startups and established companies to invest in
  • Source new projects
  • Diversify your technology portfolio

content developer?

  • Learn best practices from industry experts at talks and panels
  • Connect with potential investors
  • Engage with other leading VR/AR developers
  • Gain valuable feedback from thousands of attendees


  • Get early access to Canada’s largest VR/AR conference and expo.
  • Hold exclusive interviews with company executives
  • Report on the latest VR/AR technology advancements

Hardware provideR?

  • Sell your VR hardware to boost revenue stream
  • Gain valuable feedback from thousands of consumers
  • Engage with potential investors
  • Build new developer partnerships
  • Learn from hardware industry leaders


  • Discover the endless possibilities of VR and AR
  • Learn how VR/AR can create efficiencies and be a solution in your business
  • Increase your organization’s value with VR/AR
  • Build partnerships with industry leaders

but don't just take it from us.

Here's what some of our speakers and exhibitors had to say about CVR 2016: 


"It’s amazing to think this was ONLY the first year of CVR. The sophistication of the exhibitors, the energy of the event, and the sheer volume of attendees literally overflowing the aisles of the exhibition was beyond anyone's expectations. The CVR show has successfully put Vancouver on the map as a powerhouse for Virtual Reality! #CVR2016 Thank you for making it known to the world, see you next year!"

—  Jonathan Grand Pierre, J2 Ventures / IdeaLens

"one of the most well-oiled conferences i've ever attended."

"Kudos to Archiact, the Vancouver-based game and VR studio for having thrown an exceptional event. It was one of the most well-oiled conferences I’ve ever attended. The amount of thought and detail that went into the event is obvious."

— Alexander Haque, Retinad


"There was a variety of VR experiences on display, and the enthusiasm was incredible. We got to meet those behind the great work being done in this space too. Many thanks to Archiact for a very successful event!"

—  Dora Cheng, uForis VR


"It was a fantastic event. After many years in development and demoing at industry events it was great to finally be able to showcase at a consumer VR event, especially locally. We were blown away at the attendance, which is such a great sign for the future of VR!"

—  Denny Unger, Cloudhead Games